Видео IELTS Speaking + оценки экзаменатора
Видео 1

Fluency & coherence    (Связная, беглая речь)   6
Lexical resource (Словарный Запас)      6
Grammatical range & accuracy (Грамматика и Правильность речи)   6
Pronunciation (Произношение)   6

Видео 2

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Hobbies
Band 7
This candidate can maintain the flow of conversation without noticeable effort, although he has a rather slow delivery, with some hesitation. He uses a range of reference markers fluently and naturally to give cohesion (It’s likely that they will; so that helps). Overall, however, his topic development is limited and he does not extend his responses sufficiently to reach Band 8. His vocabulary is appropriate but he does not use an extensive range. Examples of good collocation and idiomatic usage (the job ladder) are not as frequent as they would be at higher bands, and are sometimes not well-integrated or result in awkward expressions (everything in excess is not good; to provide themselves; want to go higher, higher on the job ladder). A range of structures is used, but there is not enough complexity to raise the performance above Band 7. The level of accuracy is high, with only a few minor errors, but the candidate stays within a safety zone and this has an impact on his range of structures. The candidate has only a slight accent that has very little impact on his English pronunciation. He is able to use a wide range of phonological features to convey meaning effectively (it’s not that difficult to play) and to make precise distinctions (more popular vs. most popular).
This is a high-level candidate who seems to play safe. In doing so, he fails to produce sufficient language to be awarded a higher band.

Видео 3
IELTS Speaking Part 3: Hobbies
Band 8
This candidate speaks very fluently and is able to give long, complex and very detailed responses without any loss of coherence, repetition or language searches. She uses a wide range of discourse markers naturally and precisely. Her range of vocabulary allows a high degree of precision and flexibility with plenty of examples of stylistically appropriate language. Only occasional inaccuracies or slight inappropriacies (Competition is quite big) restrict her rating. She uses a wide range of complex structures with the majority of sentences being error-free. However, there are examples of inappropriate choice of tense and other occasional, non-systematic errors. Candidate J is easy to understand throughout the test, in spite of her accent. Although there are occasional mispronunciations of individual phonemes, these have minimal effect on communication. She is able to use a wide range of features, such as intonation and contrastive stress, to convey meaning.
This candidate’s high overall fluency and wide range of features with only occasional examples of inappropriate usage make her a strong example of a Band 8 candidate.

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