Success with IELTS Podcast - Robots (S01E01)

In the first ever episode, Maria and Rory discuss robots, a topic that sometimes comes up during speaking parts of the IELTS exam.

Success with IELTS Podcast - Names (S01E02)

In this episode Rory and Maria discuss "Names" - another very common topic that comes up during IELTS Speaking test. Tune in to find out about the questions that you are very likely to get as well as the answers to them!

Success with IELTS Podcast - Age (S01E03)

In the third episode of IELTS Speaking for Success podcast Maria and Rory discuss "Age" - a topic that not only comes up in IELTS Speaking test fairly often but in one form or another is also a part of many daily conversations. Tune in!

Success with IELTS Podcast - Accommodation (S01E04)

This episode Maria and Joe (who kindly agreed to help us out while Rory is on vacation pondering his age) talk about "accommodation" - one of the three topics (along with "studies" and "work") that you can actually prepare for, since one of them will definitely come up in the first part of the speaking test.

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