IELTS Band Descriptors:
old and new
What are the differences?

IELTS Webinar with IELTS Experts
RECORDING (May 31, 2023)
1.5 hrs
In English
We will discuss:
In May 2023, IELTS people updated the writing and speaking band descriptors.

What has changed?
What should you know?
What does it mean for our grading?

Rory and Maria will go over the updated band descriptors and will give you insights into what they mean.

You can download the updated band descriptors here:
Maria Molashenko
Maria Molashenko
IELTS Teacher since 2012, Band 9.0 for IELTS Writing Progress Check, Experienced CELTA Trainer, Nile (UK) qualified IELTS Expert, Founder of, IELTS Speaking for Success Podcaster
Rory Fergus Duncan
Rory Fergus Duncan
Independent English teacher and co-host of the IELTS Speaking for Success podcast. He has worked around the world in a variety of contexts including Scotland, England, Russia, Ghana and East Timor. Creating and contributing to numerous publications, including his own published works and most recently National Geographic's English teaching materials. Occasionally he makes funny remarks and interesting observations about language.
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IELTS Band Descriptors: old and new
What are the differences?

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