Pre-CELTA Training

Give yourself a kick start on your CELTA course!

1-day ONLINE Training
4 hours of Quality Input from a CELTA Trainer

A CELTA course is quite intense, especially if you are taking a full time course. This training will help you to get all ready for your course and have all the knowledge of what you will go through during your CELTA journey.

Who is this training for:

Teachers who are planning to do the CELTA course and would like a kick start on their CELTA journey

Teachers who want their nagging CELTA questions answered

Teachers who want to know what CELTA is really like from an experienced CELTA tutor

Why join in?
During the Training you will:

Get some intel on the CELTA course from an experienced CELTA Tutor

Get rid of your fears and myths around CELTA

Know the truth about assignments, lessons, feedback and pre-course preparation

Get professional answers to your questions about CELTA

Boost your confidence to benefit as much as possible from the course

67% of CELTA candidates get a Pass.
20% get a Pass B.
5% of candidates fail the course.
Only 5% get a Pass A grade
CELTA is like travelling. You have a guide to listen to.

Sometimes you want to explore things on your own. You can follow your guide's advice and be taken to places.

Sometimes you just need a rest from it all and just drink your coffee in a cosy cafe. When you get lost you might ask people for help.

You also have a map on your phone. Sometimes you're scared to go to places you've never been before and do things you don't usually do...

But it's all part of your travelling. It's up to YOU :)

Topics Covered

Key Terms / Concepts you should know

Watch a lesson and comment / give feedback on teaching

What should you know about Lesson Plans?

Q/A session: get answers from an experienced CELTA Tutor

Top Life hacks on Academic Writing for your CELTA Assignments

Useful Resources for CELTA

Questions Answered

There are so many rumours and different opinions about the CELTA course.
Lots of teachers are worried about what will be happening on the course and are getting anxious as the start of the course gets closer. During this Training you'll get the answers straight from the horse's mouth and will be inspired.

How are the lessons assessed?

Should I read all 20 books on the list?

Can I fail the course?

What teaching approaches can I use?

What happens if I fail one assignment?

And if I fail a lesson?

Can I Use Russian in class?
Online vs Offline CELTA


- CELTA Pass A, DELTA (3 modules)

- English teacher since 2004

- An experienced CELTA Trainer. Ran CELTA courses in Bangkok, Brussles, Baku

- Runs CELTA courses offline and online

- Worked as an Academic Director for many years training various teachers

- Maria is the creator of and one of the hosts on Success with IELTS Podcast

- Conducted a workshop at the 53rd IATEFL conference in Liverpool and regularly presents at various conferences

Maria's Teacher Training Career

Detailed Programme

Part 1

  • What is CELTA course all about, what really happens on the course and what you should know
  • “Posh” terms and concepts from teacher’s jargon you should know to write good lesson plans and assignments
  • What’s a CELTA Lesson plan like? How to write a decent plan? Dos and Don’ts

Part 2

  • How to write a good assignment and what’s academic style?
  • What does the tutor do when they observe you teach?
  • You’ll watch a video lesson, and then we’ll give feedback on this lesson: strengths and areas to work on
  • What to read, listen and watch before and during your CELTA course?

Part 3

  • Ask any question about the CELTA course and get your answers from an experienced CELTA Tutor

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This training took place on
May 22, 2021

Zoom Session Recording
2 500 ₽
  • 4-hour Zoom Session Recording
  • Training Resources
  • Quality CELTA Reading List


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