IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topics and Questions | Осень 2020

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topics and Questions | Осень 2020

Новые темы и вопросы IELTS Speaking Part 1 на осень 2020 и начало 2021 года.


Do you work or are you a student?
Why did you choose this kind of work/to study this subject?
Do you like your job?
What’s the most interesting part of being a ... (... / student)?
What’s the most difficult part of being a ... (... / student)?
What do you dislike about your work or studies if u talk about studies?
What was your dream job when you were a child?
Have you changed your mind since then?
What kind of work would you like to do in the future?

Слова и грамматика на высокий балл по теме Work:

Слова и грамматика на высокий балл по теме Studies:


Do you live in a house or an apartment/flat?
What do you like about living there?
Which is your favourite room in your home? Why?
Would you change anything about your home? Why/why not?
Would you like to move to a different home in the future?
What sort of accommodation would you most like to live in?

Слова и грамматика на высокий балл по теме Accommodation:


Tell me about your hometown.
What’s your hometown known for?
Do you like your hometown?
Is it big or small?
How long have you been living there?
Do you think you’ll continue living there for a long time?
How has your town changed in the last 20 years?

Your Country

Tell me about your country.
Where is your country located?
Which part of your country do most people live in?
What are the main industries in your country?
What are some of the good things about living in your country?
What are some of the bad things about living in your country?

New Activities

Do you like to try new activities?
Is it good for people to try new things?
Why are some people afraid of trying new things?
What help do people need when they're trying new things?
What are some of the difficulties a person might have when they try something new?
Do you think it's better to have new experiences when you're young or when you're older?
Did you try new activities when you were younger?
Do you like to try new activities alone or with friends?


Do you enjoy picnics?
How often do you go on a picnic? Where? Why?
Who do you go with?
Why do people go on picnics?
What do they do?
When was the last time you went on a picnic?
Do many people enjoy picnics in your country?
Where do people in your country go on a picnic?
Will you go on picnics more often in the future?

Meeting New People

Do you often meet new people?
How do you feel about meeting new people?
Are you able to decide whether you like the person by the first meeting?
Is it easy for you to meet new people?
Do you care about people’s opinions about you?
How do you meet new people? Like where? Where do you find new people?
When was the last time you met a new person?


What do you like to talk about?
How often do you talk to people on different topics?
Who do you usually have discussions with?
Have your discussion topics changed since you were a child?
Do you often change your opinions?
Do you prefer to talk or to listen?


Are you good at telling jokes?
Do you like listening and telling jokes?
Do your friends like to tell jokes?
How do you know what jokes are proper to say to your friends?
Do you like to watch comedies?
Are there comedy shows in your country?
Have you ever watched a live comedy show?

Borrowing and Lending

Have you ever borrowed books from others?
Have you ever borrowed money?
Do you mind if someone asks to borrow something from you?
How do you feel when people don’t return things they borrowed from you?
Do you like to lend things to others?
Would you let someone borrow your mobile phone?


Do you often laugh?
When was the last time you laughed?
Do you like watching funny TV programmes on TV? Live comedy shows?
What kinds of thing make you laugh?
Do you like making other people laugh? [Why/Why not?]Are ypu gopd at it?
Do you think it’s important for friends to laugh together? [Why/Why not?]


Do you have good handwriting?
How did you learn your handwriting?
Do you like receiving hand-written letters?
How important is handwriting in your country?


When is it hard for you to concentrate?
What may distract you when you are trying to stay focused?
In what situations do you need to concentrate?
When do you need to be focused?
What do you do to improve your concentration?
What do you do to help you concentrate?
Is it easy for you to do two things simultaneously?
Is difficult for you to stay focused on something?


Why do some people throw garbage on the street instead of using trash bins?
What do you do if you see garbage on the street?
How do you feel when you see people throw garbage on the street?
 Do you help in maintaining the streets tidy?
Do you always try to recycle paper and plastic?
Do you always try to recycle paper and plastic?

Making lists

Do you like making lists?
How often do you make lists?
Do you make a shopping list when you go shopping?
Do you make a to-do lists at work? Does it work?
Why don’t some people like making lists?
Do you prefer to make a list on paper or on your phone?
When was the last time you made a list?


Are you a tidy person?
What do you do to be tidy?
Do you think that it’s necessary to be tidy?
Do you think that people should be tidy all the time?
Do you keep your workplace tidy?
What about your house?
When was the last time you cleaned up?
What did you do during this spring cleaning?

Famous People / Stars / Celebrities

Do you want to be a star?
Have you ever met celebrities/pop stars in person?
What pop stars do you like? Do you like any foreign celebrities?
Who is your favourite celebrity?
Who is your favourite movie star?
Are international movie stars famous in your country?
Do you read news about celebrities?
How do celebrities influence their fans in your country?


Do you recycle? Why?
What kind of things do you recycle?
Did you learn about recycling when you were a child? At school?
Is it easy to recycle where you live?
Do people usually recycle in your hometown?
Do you think recycling is important? Why?
Have your attitudes towards recycling changed over the last couple of years?
Will you keep recycling in the future?


Do you like sport? What?
Do you like extreme sports?
Do most people in your country like sport?
What sports do people in your country play?
What was your favourite sport when you were a child?
Did u do much sport when you were younger?
What are the benefits of doing sport?
Who is your favourite sport star?
Do you like to watch sports on TV?
What kinds of sports would you like to try in the future?


What do you usually do on the weekend?
Do you like to work on the weekends?
Do you feel that weekends now are more important to you than when you were a child?
What would your ideal weekend be like?
 Is it important to make the most out of your weekends?
Which is your favourite part of the weekend?
Do you think your weekends are long enough?
How important do you think it is to have free time on the weekends?
In your country, do men and women usually do the same kind of things on weekend?
Why do you think many people consider the weekend to be important?
What are you going to do next weekends?


Do you like changes? Why?
Do you often change?
What do you change?
What would you not like to change?
Have you changed a lot since your childhood?
What was the last change you made?
What has been the greatest change in your life so far?
Have there been any changes in your hometown recently?
What do you plan to change next year?

Buying things

Do you often buy things?
Do you enjoy it? Why?
Do you enjoy buying expensive things?
Do you compare the price in different shops before you buy something?
Do you usually search for bargains?
Where do you go to get a low price?
Do you buy things online? What?
What was the last thing you bought?


Do you like shopping?
Is it difficult for you to make choices when you shop?
How often do you buy something in a shop?


Do you have a lot of items of furniture at home? At work?
What furniture do you own? Which items do you like?
What's your favourite item of furniture?
Have you ever received furniture as a gift?
Do you often buy furniture? Why? Where?
What furniture do you usually buy? What did last you buy?
What would you like to buy?
What styles do you prefer: modern or traditional furniture?

Text Messages

Do you like texting?
How often do you write texts?
Why do you send texts?
So you use any apps to write texts?
Do you text someone if they don’t answer your phone call?
Do you prefer sending or receiving messages?
Do you always reply to a text message?
In what situations is making a call better than writing a text?
Is texting better than calling people?
Have you ever received a confusing text message?
Do you receive texts with ads?

Being in a hurry

How often are you in a hurry?
Do you like doing things quickly?
What do you often do in a hurry?
When was the last time you did something in a hurry?
What did you do? Why did you do it in a hurry?
Do you like to finish things quickly?
What kind of things do you never do in hurry? Why?
Is it good to be always in a hurry?
Why do people make mistakes when they are in hurry?


Do you read news in newspapers or on the Internet?
Do you think the Internet is a good way to get news?
Which do you prefer: reading magazines or newspapers?
Do you often read newspapers?
How old were you when you started reading newspapers?
Do you think it's important to read newspapers?
How do newspapers attract readers?
What effect do newspapers have on society?
Is news important to you? How often do you read the news?
Do you prefer to read local or international news?
Do you discuss the news with your friends?


Do you enjoy giving gifts?
Do you prefer to give or receive gifts?
How often do you buy gifts for other people?
Do you enjoy looking for gifts for people?
What do you usually give other people as gifts?
Do you give expensive gifts?
Do you take a gift when you visit someone in their home?
What kind of gifts do you like to receive?
What gifts did you get in your childhood?
When did you last receive a gift? [What was it?]
What kinds of gifts are popular in your country?
Why do people give gifts?
What’s the best present you have ever received?
Have you ever received a gift which you didnt like?

Staying up late

Do you stay up late? How often? Why?
Do you like staying up late?
Did you use to stay up late when you were younger?
How do you feel when you've stayed up late the night before?
What do you usually do when you stay up late?
How do you stay awake?
Is staying up healthy for you?
What do you do to fall asleep?

Fish/Going fishing

Do you like going fishing? Have you ever done that?
Where do people go fishing in your country?
Is fishing a good hobby?
How often do you eat fish?
What kind of fish do you like eating?
Where do you get the fish from?
Do you keep fish as pets?

Public Transport

Do you travel by public transport? How often?
When was the last time you travelled by public transport?
What’s the most popular mode of transportation in your hometown?
What’s the difference between planes and trains?
Do you think people will drive more in the future? What about you?


Are you happy to be the age you are now?
When you were a child, did you think a lot about your future?
Do people change as they grow older?
Do you think you have changed as you have got older?
What will be different about your life in the future?
Is childhood the happiest time in a person's life?


Are clothes and clothing fashions important to you?
What different clothes do you wear for different situations?
Do you wear different styles of clothes now compared to 10 years ago?
Do you think the clothes we wear say something about who we are?
Have the kinds of clothes you like changed in recent years? [Why? / Why not?]
Do you care about fashion?
Do people from your country think fashion is important?


What colour clothes do you like to wear?
Do people in your country like to wear bright colours?
What are the differences between men and women’s preference in colour?
What kind clothes do you like to wear?
What kind of clothes do you never wear?
Do you wear the same style of clothes on the weekend and on the weekdays?
Do you wear the same clothes at school/work?
Did you have any special clothes when you were a child?

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  • Что писать в каждом параграфе
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