IELTS Writing Task 2: Продвинутые слова для эссе на балл 7 и выше

IELTS Writing Task 2: Продвинутые слова для эссе на балл 7 и выше

Одним из критериев письменной части является словарный Запас. Чтобы получить достойный балл, используем, как говорится в критериях, a range of vocabulary, precise words.

A range of vocabulary – т.е различная лексика, обогащенная синонимами и продвинутыми словами; это также разнообразные слова, выражения, синонимы - Стараемся не повторять одни и те же слова:

Advantages – Benefit, positive sides

Disadvantages – Drawbacks, negative sides

Many - a large number of, numerous, plenty of, a wide range of

Important – Crucial, essential, vital

Some people - SEVERAL people / CERTAIN people

Some people think that … – People claim that / argue that / hold the view that / believe

Children - youngsters

Teenagers - adolescents

Interesting - educational, entertaining, engaging

Precise words – слова, передающие точное значение. Например, если мы пишем о современных технологиях слова stuff/thing не употребляем – слишком общие, да по стилю не подходят (неформальные). Пишем gadgets, devices, domestic appliances (домашнее/кухонное оборудование). Эти более сложные слова четко и точно передают то, что Вы хотите выразить.

People in cities – Inhabitants of cities

The Australian economy increased - The Australian economy increased dramatically/slightly (пишем не просто выросла, а НАСКОЛЬКО/как)

Students - Undergraduates (студенты, которые еще не закончили университет)

People - experts, educationalists

Get some money - make some income

Go to work - commute

Используем синонимы:

synonyms synonyms2 synonyms3

Параграфы из IELTS эссе с продвинутыми словами

Over the last half century the pace of change in the life of human beings has increased beyond our wildest expectations. This has been driven by technological and scientific breakthroughs that are changing the whole way we view the world on an almost daily basis. This means that change is not always a personal option, but an inescapable fact of life, and we need to constantly adapt to keep pace with it.

However, it is felt traditional lecture hall talks are beneficial to students and will never completely be replaced by the Internet. This will be shown by looking at how both the theatrical nature and possibility for face-to-face debate during an in-person lesson cater to the learning experience of an individual in a way that technology simply cannot.

During the first semester, I engaged in the classes solely by watching this broadcast from home and found myself to become quite lethargic and unenthusiastic regarding the content. However, during the second semester I was informed that as a registered student I could attend the classroom sessions of the same course and discovered this change revitalized my interest in the topics being discussed. As my experience shows, being present for a lecture physically can have positive effects on students.

Longevity in the world over has been increasing for a variety of reasons. Babies born today enjoy much longer life spans than those of their parents. It is argued that this increase is a positive phenomenon and that the main causes of it are both the deepening of medical understanding and the sharing of such information between people via tools like the Internet. These causes will be examined in detail to prove their value in the lengthening of worldwide life spans.

Как научиться писать любое эссе и график в IELTS

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