IELTS Writing Graphs Lesson Stages

IELTS Writing Graphs Lesson Stages

In one class you should cover 1 graph type. For instance, one lesson on a line graph, another lesson on pie charts. Here are the stages you can follow during your writing class (you can change the order of the stages if you wish):

Writing Part 1: Graphs

- Elicit what kind of graph it is (a table/bar chart/map etc)

- Make the graph task clear: time, how many words, what the task asks them to do?

- Ask students to discuss in pairs how they would structure their answer (even if they have no idea)

- Give students a sample answer to read and notice 1) the structure/paragraphing 2) vocabulary 3) style 4) grammar

- Discuss how to write the Introduction (1st paragraph)

- Discuss the structure of the main body paragraphs (how to structure the sentences: figures from the graph with comparisons)

- Discuss how to write the overall statement

- Present the vocabulary students should use

- Point out the style of the answer (formal)

- Present linking words students (for comparisons, adding ideas, contrasting)

- Focus on the grammar students (present/past or future structures depending on the graph)

- Give an exam writing part 1 task (same type as discussed in class)

- Students write their answer (at least 150 words/should they follow the exam timing?