What to do in Your First IELTS Class?

What to do in Your First IELTS Class?

You’re about to start a new IELTS group or lessons with your one-two-one student, and it’s your first lesson in the course. What to do in this first class?

You can first check what the students know about IELTS. Instead of giving them a lecture on what IELTS is and how many parts there are and etc., you can engage your students and let them find the answers and information about the exam for themselves. Here is a student-centered way of how to do that.

Here is an IELTS Quiz which you can give your students - Download .pdf

And here is the booklet you give them so that they find the answers - Download the booklet .pdf

Here are your instructions to the students and the procedure you can follow:

  • I’d like to know what you know about IELTS and give you more information about the exam.
  • Here are some questions about IELTS (give the quiz).
  • Here is the Booklet you can use to find the answers to these questions (give the Booklet).
  • I’ll give you about 10 minutes: read the questions and find the answers in the booklet. Write down your answers. If you don’t know the answer or can’t find it, move to the next question. In IELTS reading you do the same – you have questions and a huge text; you should find the answers in this text. Read the questions in the quiz first.
  • Students work individually and search the booklet for the answers. They should read the questions first and then scan the booklet for the answers.
  • After they are ready, ask them to compare their answers in pairs.
  • Then check their answers with them giving them the correct answers + more details about the exam.

This is an engaging start as the students find out information about the exam themselves and they also develop their reading skills.

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