Top 10 Reliable IELTS Resources

Top 10 Reliable IELTS Resources

Here are the bestest IELTS go to places which are reliable and have quality information. You can use them yourself and give them to your IELTS students.

 1  Official YouTube with IELTS tips, Computer IELTS format explained, speaking samples with scores and teaching tips

 2  Official Website with useful articles for teachers on listening/reading/writing/speaking, teaching tips and exam strategies

 3  Official IDP Australia YouTube with IELTS webinars, guides, tips, computer IELTS explained, speaking samples with bands, IELTS myths busted

 4  Writing samples from ex-examiner, reading/listening/speaking strategies

 5  Ex-examiner info on all IELTS parts + useful Writing samples

 6  Lovely Keith with quality content on IELTS speaking, vocabulary, speaking strategies and videos on different exam aspects

His YouTube:

 7  IELTS Apps from British Council (Official). Good for your students to have some practice.

 8  Free IELTS courses from Future Learn

 9  IELTS Speaking for Success Podcast with the latest IELTS topics. Rory answers fresh IELTS speaking questions and then Maria and Rory go over high level vocabulary and grammar + useful speaking strategies. The podcast is fun, good for Pre-Intermediate-Advanced levels, there are scripts and free speaking part 1 episodes.
Listen here:

IELTS Speaking course with exam strategies and 3 Rories:

 10  My IELTS Classroom with ex-IELTS examiner. It’s just amazing. Great tips about all parts of IELTS, a must listen podcast and quality, quality and quality.

Trust these official sources:

  • Cambridge (makes all IELTS tests)
  • IDP Australia
  • British Council

Please, be very careful about what you read and where you read it. Check who writes this, what qualifications they have and why they are a reliable IELTS source.
There is so much wrong information about IELTS online! Even ex-IELTS examiners sometimes write incorrect information about certain technical things such as how the scores are calculated. Double check the information when in doubt.

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