IELTS Speaking Part 1: Новые вопросы и топики, Лето-Осень 2021

IELTS Speaking Part 1: Новые вопросы и топики, Лето-Осень 2021

NEW IELTS Speaking Topics May-December 2021

Do you like barbecues?
Do people in your country like barbecues?
What kind of food do you like to have at barbecues?
Would you like to have a barbecue with your family or your friends?
Did you have barbecue when you were a child?

Sky and Stars
Do you like to watch the sky?
What’s the sky like at night in your hometown?
Can you see the moon and stars where you live?
Do you like to watch stars?
Have you ever taken a course about stars?
Is it important to study stars?
What’s your favourite star?

Do you like flowers?
What flowers do you like?
What’s your favourite flower?
What flowers have special meaning in your country?
When was the last time you gave flowers?
Have you ever sent flowers to anyone?
Have you planted any flowers?
Do you like to have flowers in your home?
Where can people buy flowers?

What advertisements do you watch?
Do you watch them from the beginning to the end?
Do you like advertisements?
Do you like advertisements on TV?
Is there much advertising in your country?
Where can we see advertisements?
What advertising do you have in your country?
How do you feel about advertisements?
What do you think is the purpose of advertising?
Have you ever bough anything because of adverts?

Special Costumes
Do you like to wear special costumes?
Did you wear any special costumes when you were young?
When was the last time you wore a special costume?
Do you ever buy special costumes?

Wild Animals
What’s your favourite wild animal?
Have you ever seen any wild animals?
Do you like watching animals in the zoo?
Where can we see wild animals?
Is it important to protect wild animals?
Should children learn things about animals?

What public holidays do you have in your country?
What public holidays do you like?
How do people celebrate public holidays in your country?
Can you describe your perfect holiday?
Which do you prefer: spending time on the beach or going on excursions?
What was the best holiday in your life?

Environmental Protection
What can people do to protect our environment?
Do you think you’ve done enough to protect the environment?
What can people do together to protect the local environment?
What should be done to protect our environment?
What’s the importance of environmental education?
Is there education about environmental protection at school?
Is it important to teach students how to protect the environment?
Would you like to work in a company related to environmental protection?

What is your favorite festival?
How do you celebrate this festival? Any special food/drinks/activities?
What festivals do you have in your country?
What’s the most popular festival in your country?
How often to you go to festivals?
Do you think festivals are important for a country? [Why?]
Is it important to celebrate traditional festivals?
What’s the difference between your traditional festivals and western festivals?

Do you use a wallet?
Do your friends use wallets?
Have you ever lost your wallet?
Have you ever given a wallet as a gift?

What do you do to relax?
Do you think doing sports is a good way to relax?
Do you think vacation is a good time for you to relax?
Do you think students need more time to relax?

Car Trips
Do you like travelling by car? Why?
What’s the farthest place you’ve travelled to by car?
Do you like to sit in the front or back when travelling by car?
When do you travel by car?

Primary School
Did you like primary school?
What did you like to do when you were in primary school?
How did you go to primary school?
What did you do in your free time at primary school?

Как научиться писать любое эссе и график в IELTS

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14 уроков / 7+ часов
  • Как писать ВСЕ типы эссе
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  • Как структурировать текст по абзацам
  • Что писать в каждом параграфе
  • Какую грамматику использовать
  • Какие слова использовать
  • Как эффективно связывать свои идеи
  • Что нужно делать, чтобы получить высокий балл

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