IELTS Speaking Part 1: Новые вопросы и топики, Май-Сентябрь 2022

IELTS Speaking Part 1: Новые вопросы и топики, Май-Сентябрь 2022

Список тем и вопросов IELTS Speaking Part 1, которые потенциально могут попадаться на экзаменах в Мае-Сентябре 2022.

Обычно в 1-й части экзаменатор задаёт вопросы по 3-м темам. Это значит, что на устной части вас могут спросить по любым 3 темам из этого списка.


Первая тема чаще всего одна из этих: Work / Studies / Accommodation
Также возможно, что первая тема будет: Home Decoration, Hometown или Your Country


Do you work or are you a student?
Why did you choose this kind of work/to study this subject?
Do you like your job?
What’s the most interesting part of being a ... (... / student)?
What’s the most difficult part of being a ... (... / student)?
What do you dislike about your work or studies?
What was your dream job when you were a child?
Have you changed your mind since then?
What kind of work would you like to do in the future?

Do you live in a house or an apartment/flat?
Can you describe the place where you live?
What do you like about living there? What do you like about your flat?
Which is your favourite room in your home? Why?
Which room does your family spend most time in?
What can you see from the windows?
Would you change anything about your home? Why/why not?
Would you like to move to a different home in the future?
What sort of accommodation would you most like to live in?

Home Decoration
What kind of decoration do you prefer?
How is your home decorated?
What is your favorite color when decorating your home?
What colour would you never use in your home?
What colour would you choose to paint the walls of your room?
Do people in your country like redecorating their homes?
What is the new decorating trend for this year?

Tell me about your hometown.
What’s your hometown known for?
Do you like your hometown?
Is it big or small?
How long have you been living there?
Do you think you’ll continue living there for a long time?
How has your town changed in the last 20 years?

Your Country
Where is your country located?
Which part of your country do most people live in?
What are the main industries in your country?
What are some of the good things about living in your country?
What are some of the bad things about living in your country?
What makes you feel proud of your country?
Will you stay in your country in the future?


Do you like to wear a watch?
Is a watch important for you?
Have you ever got a watch as a gift?
Why do some people wear/like expensive watches?

Do you have a talent or something you are good at?
Do you think your talent can be helpful for your future work?
Do you think people in your family have the same talent?

Old Buildings
Should old buildings be preserved?
What aspects of culture do old buildings reflect?
How do old buildings affect the appearance of a place?

Feeling Bored/Boring Things
Do you often feel bored?
What kinds of things would make you feel bored?
What do you do when you feel bored?
Do you feel more bored now than when you were a child?

Meeting Places
Where do you usually meet your friends?
Do you think there are some places that are more suitable for meeting others?
Have the meeting places changed now compared with the past?

Collecting Things
Would you keep old things for a long time? Why?
Do you collect things?
Are there any things you keep from childhood?
Where do you usually keep things you collect?

How often do you use a computer?
What do you usually use a computer for?
What kinds of computers are popular in your country?
Who taught you how to use a computer?
When was the first time you used a computer?
What will your life be like without computers?
In what conditions would it be difficult for you to use a computer?
Do you think computers have changed your life?

What kinds of advertisements do you watch?
Do you like them?
Where can you see advertisements?
What advertisements do you dislike?
Have you ever bought something because of its advertisement?
Do you watch advertisements from the beginning to the end?
Is there much advertising in your country?
What advertisements do you have in your country?
What’s the purpose of advertising?

Evening Time
Do you like the morning or evening?
What do you usually do in the evening?
What did you do in the evening when you were little? Why?
Are there any differences between what you do in the evening now and what you did in the past?

Where’s your favourite place to sit?
Do you like to sit on the sofa or on a chair?
Do you always sit down for a long time?
Do you feel sleepy when you are sitting down?
Can you fall asleep while sitting on a chair?
When you were a kid, did you usually sit on the floor?

Sports Programmes
Do you like watching sports programs on TV?
Do you like to watch live sport games?
Who do you like to watch sport games with?
What was your favourite sport when you were a child?
What’s the difference between watching sports live at the stadium and on TV at home?
How often do you do sports?
Do people in your country like sports? Which kinds?


Do you like looking at yourself in the mirror? How often?
How often do you use a mirror?
Do you use a mirror before buying clothes?
What functions does a mirror have?
Have you ever bought mirrors?
Do you usually take a mirror with you?
Would you use mirrors to decorate your room?
Is a mirror a good decoration?

Do you like science?
Did you like science classes when you were young? At school?
Do you think schoolchildren should have both science and art classes?
Do you think science classes are important?

Do you like painting or drawing?
Have you ever learnt painting or drawing?
Is it easy to learn how to draw?
How often do you paint or draw?
What do you like to draw?
What do you know about painting?

Do you like visiting art galleries or museums?
Which do you prefer: art galleries or museums?
Do you often go to museums?
When was the last time you went to an art gallery/museum?
What did you learn from going there?

Do you write many emails/letters?
How often do you write emails/letters?
What do you usually write about?
When would you send an email?
Who do you usually write to?
Is sending emails popular in your country?
Do you prefer to write letters by hand or use a computer?
What are the differences between letters and emails?
Is it hard to think of what to write about?
What kind of emails/letters are hardest to write?

Do you remember your dreams when you wake up?
Do you think dreams affect life?
Do dreams have special meanings?
Do you like listening about other people’s dreams?
Do you share your dreams with others?
Do you want to learn more about dreams?

Do you like reading?
What books do you like to read?
What did you learn from it?
What books have you read recently?
Did you like to read when you were younger?
Have your reading habits changed since you were a child?
What was your favourite book as a child?

Are you good at memorising things?
Why do people often forget small things?
Have you ever forgotten something important?
How can you make sure you don't forget things?
Why do some people have good memory while others just do not?
Why do more people rely on cell phones to memorize things?

Do you like travelling by car?
What's the farthest place you went by car?
When do you travel by car?
Do you prefer sitting in the front or back?

Daily Routine
How do you organise your study time?
What's your daily routine like?
Have you ever changed your routine?
Do you ever change your plans?
What's your favourite time of the day?
What do you usually do at this time?
Do you like to plan what you'll do every day?
Do you usually do the same things at the same time every day?
What would you like to change in your daily routine?

Losing and Finding things
What should people do if they find something?
Is it ok to keep the thing you found?
What should people do to find what they lost?
What things do people usually find?
Have you ever lost anything?

What kind of websites do you visit?
What's your favourite website?
What websites are popular in your country?
Have there been any changes to the websites you prefer?

Time Management
Do you make plans every day?
Do you ever change your plans?
What’s the hardest thing about making plans?
What’s the latest plan you made?
Do you think it's helpful to plan your time?
Is it easy for you to manage time?
Do you like being busy?
Are you ever late for anything?
Do you think children should learn to manage time?
Do you think most people can manage their time well?

Mobile Phones
What was your first mobile phone?
How often do you use your mobile phone?
Do you use it for texting or calls?
Can you describe your mobile phone?
Will you buy a new one soon?
How has your mobile phone changed your life?

Street Markets
Do you like going to street markets?
Are there many street markets in your country?
What do they sell?
What do people usually buy?
Do many people go to street markets in your country?
What's the difference between street markets and supermarkets?
Do you prefer shopping in a mall or street market?

Do you like going to the cinema? Why?
How often do you go to the cinema?
When was the last time you went to the cinema?
Did you usually go to the cinema when you were a child?
Do you like to watch films alone or with friends?
What kinds of films do you prefer?

Taking Photos
Do you like to take photographs?
Which kind of photos you like to take?
How did you become interested in photos?
How do you keep your photos?
Do you ever delete or throw away photos (if on paper)?

Do you like sports?
Which kind of sports do you like? Why?
What was your favourite sport when you were young?
Do you like to watch live games?
What’s the difference between watching sports live at the stadium and on TV at home?
How often do you do sports?
Which kind of people like sports? Which dislike?
Do people in your country like sports? Which kinds?

Как научиться писать любое эссе и график в IELTS

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  • Как структурировать текст по абзацам
  • Что писать в каждом параграфе
  • Какую грамматику использовать
  • Какие слова использовать
  • Как эффективно связывать свои идеи
  • Что нужно делать, чтобы получить высокий балл

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