IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topics and Questions 2021

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topics and Questions 2021

Список тем и вопросов IELTS Speaking Part 1, которые есть на устной части в 2021 году. Обычно в 1-й части экзаменатор задаёт вопросы по 3-м темам. Это значит, что на устной части вас могут спросить по любым 3 темам из этого списка.

Do you work or are you a student?
Why did you choose this kind of work/to study this subject?
Do you like your job?
What’s the most interesting part of being a ... (... / student)?
What’s the most difficult part of being a ... (... / student)?
What do you dislike about your work or studies?
What was your dream job when you were a child?
Have you changed your mind since then?
What kind of work would you like to do in the future?

Do you live in a house or an apartment/flat?
Can you describe the place where you live?
What do you like about living there? What do you like about your flat?
Which is your favourite room in your home? Why?
Which room does your family spend most time in?
What can you see from the windows?
Would you change anything about your home? Why/why not?
Would you like to move to a different home in the future?
What sort of accommodation would you most like to live in?

Home Decoration
What kind of decoration do you prefer?
How is your home decorated?
What is your favorite color when decorating your home?
What colour would you never use in your home?
What colour would you choose to paint the walls of your room?
Do people in your country like redecorating their homes?
What is the new decorating trend for this year?

Tell me about your hometown.
What’s your hometown known for?
Do you like your hometown?
Is it big or small?
How long have you been living there?
Do you think you’ll continue living there for a long time?
How has your town changed in the last 20 years?

Your Country
Tell me about your country.
Where is your country located?
Which part of your country do most people live in?
What are the main industries in your country?
What are some of the good things about living in your country?
What are some of the bad things about living in your country?
Do you know the history of your country well?
Which part of your country do you want to live in?
What makes you feel proud of your country?
Will you stay in your country in the future?

TV programs
What kind of TV programs do you like?
What's your favourite TV program?
Do you often watch programs on TV or your cell phone?
Do you like watching the same kind of program all the time?
Do you talk with your friends about the program you watched?
In your country is it possible to watch any TV programs in English?
What benefits can people get from watching foreign TV programs?

Do you think museums are important?
Are there many museums in your hometown?
Do you like to visit museums?
How often do you go to museums?
When was the last time you visited a museum?
Did you visit museums when you were a child?
Why is it boring for children to go to museums?
How can we make museums interesting for children?

Life Stages
Do you enjoy your current stage of life?
Which stage of your life do you think is the most important?
In which stage of your life were you the happiest?
What is your plan for your next stage of life?

How often do you take a rest?
What do you do when you take a rest?
Do you take a nap?
How do you feel after taking a nap?

Can you sing?
Do you like singing?
When do you like to sing?
Is it difficult to sing well?
What kind of music do you like to sing?
Do you want to be a singer?

What can you see from the windows where you live?
Is there good scenery in cities?
Are there many places in your hometown with beautiful scenery?
When you travel, do you stay in hotels with scenic views?
Do you enjoy visiting places with beautiful views?
Would you like to live in a house with beautiful scenery around it?
Do you like to take pictures of good scenery?
Why do people like taking pictures of the scenery? What about you?

Do you like trees?
Are there any important trees in your country?
When was the last time you went to a forest?
Would you like to go to the forest if you are free?
Do you like to go to a forest?
Is there a forest near your hometown?
Would you like to live in a place that has a lot of trees?
Where can one find trees or forests in your country?
Did you ever climb trees when you were a child?
Do you think we need to protect trees?
Do you think places with trees attract more visitors than places with few trees?
Have you ever planted a tree?

Have you ever gone to picnics?
Do you enjoy going on picnics?
How often do you go out for picnics?
Did you go on a picnic when you were a child?
When was the last time you went on a picnic?
What kind of places do people choose as their picnic spots?

New Activities
Do you like to try new activities? Why?
What activities would you like to try?
Is it good for people to try new things?
Why are some people afraid of trying new things?
What activities did you do when you were a child?
Do you like to try new activities alone or with friends?
Did you try new activities when you were younger?
What help do people need when they're trying new things?
What are some of the difficulties a person might have when they try something new?
Do you think it's better to have new experiences when you're young or when you're older?

When is it hard for you to concentrate?
What may distract you when you are trying to stay focused?
In what situations do you need to concentrate?
When do you need to be focused?
What do you do to improve your concentration?
What do you do to help you concentrate?
Is it easy for you to do two things simultaneously?
Is difficult for you to stay focused on something?

Writing by hand
Do you generally prefer to write by hand or use a computer? (Why?)
Are there any situations when you think it is important to write by hand? (Why/Why not?)
How important is good handwriting to you? (Why/Why not?)
Do you think computers will replace writing by hand in the future? (Why/Why not?)

What colour clothes do you like to wear?
Do people in your country like to wear bright colours?
What are the differences between men and women’s preference in colour?
What kind clothes do you like to wear?
What kind of clothes do you never wear?
Do you wear the same style of clothes on the weekend and on the weekdays?
Do you wear the same clothes at school/work?
Did you have any special clothes when you were a child?

Making Lists
Do you make a list before going shopping? Why?
Why is it important to make a shopping list?
Do you make a list of your work? Does it work?
Why don't some people like making lists?
Do you prefer using a piece of paper or making a list on your phone?

Your Neighbourhood
Where are you living now?
Do you like the area that you live in?
What do you like most about where you live?
What is the neighborhood like where you live?
What can be improved in the area that you live?
Do you know any famous people in the area that you live in?
Do you intend to stay in this area in the future?

Do you recycle? Why/why not?
What do you recycle?
Do you always try to recycle paper and plastic?
Do you always try to recycle paper and plastic?
What is commonly recycled? What products?
Did you learn recycling when you were a child?
Why have people’s attitudes towards recycling changed over the last several years?
Do you think recycling is important?
Will you keep recycling in the future?

Have you ever visited a farm?
What kinds of farms are there in yr country?
What kind of farm do you like?
What farm would you like to visit?
Do you think farming is important?
Did you do any farm work when you were young?
Does your country use many traditional farming methods? Which?

How would you define happiness?
What usually makes you happy?
What would you do to make you happy?
Do you think money can make people happy?
Do you think people in your country are generally happy people?
What kinds of things make people in your country happy?
Are people in your country happier now than they were 30 years ago?
Why do some people say that happiness never lasts long?
What makes you feel unhappy?
What do you do when you are unhappy?
What's your happiest moment?

People's Names
Is it easy for you to remember people’s names?
How do you remember people’s names?
Do you often forget people’s names?
What do you do to remember a specific name?
How do you feel when people don't remember your name?

New Year
How do you celebrate New Year?
How do people in your country celebrate New Year? Do you have any ceremonies?
What do people do on New Year's Day?
Why do people think New Year is a new beginning?
Have you ever celebrated NY that you still remember?

Getting up early
Do you often get up early in the morning?
What do you usually do when you get up early?
What’s your morning routine?
Is breakfast important to you?
Do you get up early on weekends?
What kinds of people usually get up early? Why?
What are the benefits of getting up early?

Do you like reading?
What books do you like to read?
What book have you read recently?
What did you learn from it?
Do you like to read at home or in other places?
In what places do you think it is difficult to read?
Do you like to read by yourself or with other people?
Do you read professional books?
Why do parents make children read books at an early age?
What was your favourite book as a child?
Should reading be compulsory at school?

Did you do any sport when you were younger? (Why/Why not?)
Have you ever supported a sports team? (Why/Why not?)
Do you enjoy watching sport? (Why/Why not?)
Do you think there’s too much sport on television in your country?
Do most people in your country like sport?
What sports do people in your country like to play?
Do you like extreme sports?
Who is your favourite sports star?

Do you like changes? Why?
Do you often change?
What do you change?
What would you not like to change?
Have you changed a lot since your childhood?
What was the last change you made?
What has been the greatest change in your life so far?
Have there been any changes in your hometown recently?
What do you plan to change next year?

Text Messages
Do you like texting?
How often do you write texts?
Why do you send texts?
So you use any apps to write texts?
Do you text someone if they don’t answer your phone call?
Do you prefer sending or receiving messages?
Do you always reply to a text message?
In what situations is making a call better than writing a text?
Is texting better than calling people?
Have you ever received a confusing text message?
Do you receive texts with ads?

What do you usually do in your spare time?
What do you usually do on the weekends?
Do you like to work on the weekends?
Do you feel that weekends now are more important to you than when you were a child?
What would your ideal weekend be like?
 Is it important to make the most out of your weekends?
Which is your favourite part of the weekend?
Do you think your weekends are long enough?
How important do you think it is to have free time on the weekends?
In your country, do men and women usually do the same kind of things on weekend?
Why do you think many people consider the weekend to be important?
What are you going to do next weekends?

Do you have many items of furniture at home? At work?
Do you have any wooden furniture?
What furniture do you own? Which items do you like?
What's your favourite item of furniture?
Have you ever received furniture as a gift?
Has anyone bought a piece of furniture for you?
Do you often buy furniture? Why? Where?
What furniture do you usually buy? What did last you buy?
What kind of furniture would you like to buy?
What styles do you prefer: modern or traditional furniture?
Are you planning to buy any furniture this year?

Do you like Math?
Is Math difficult for you to learn?
Do you think Math is hard?
When did you start learning Math?
Who taught you Math?
Do you usually use a calculator?
Do you like using a calculator?

Being in a hurry
How often are you in a hurry?
Do you like doing things quickly?
What do you often do in a hurry?
What helps you to finish things quickly?
When was the last time you did something in a hurry?
What did you do? Why did you do it in a hurry?
Do you like to finish things quickly?
What kind of things do you never do in hurry? Why?
Is it good to be always in a hurry?
Why do people make mistakes when they are in hurry?

Как научиться писать любое эссе и график в IELTS

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14 уроков / 7+ часов
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  • Как описывать ВСЕ типы графиков
  • Как структурировать текст по абзацам
  • Что писать в каждом параграфе
  • Какую грамматику использовать
  • Какие слова использовать
  • Как эффективно связывать свои идеи
  • Что нужно делать, чтобы получить высокий балл

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